Depo Racing 7 Colour Tachometer 0-10000 RPM Stepper Motor Gauge 52mm

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  • 0-10000 RPM tachometer gauge
  • 52mm – 2 inches
  • Backlight colour: Dimmable 7 Colour LED Illumination
  • Lens: smoked

Seven (7) Colour LED Backlight

7 colour LED backlights can be programmed by a simple and soft touch on the “SET” button on the touch panel control box. The backlight of the touch panel control box will also synchronize with the gauge.
There are 9 colour modes starting from Blue and following with Green, Red, Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Purple, automatic colour mode, and automatic colour mode changing by needle angles.

Features & Specifications

  • Latest design of racing auto gauge/auto meter
  • Open ceremony tones on start up
  • Ending tones on shut down
  • Start point self calibration
  • 7 colour LED backlight
  • Programmable warning setting and peak recall functions
  • High-Tec Touch panel control boxes to program warning setting and recall peak value
  • Relocated touch screen control boxes by user preference
  • Warning sound switching
  • Synchronized LED Backlight display with gauges and control boxes
  • Full sweep 270 scale
  • Easy pin style installation
  • Short Case = 25mm
  • Aluminium cases & bezels
  • On-Dash design
  • Daisy chain system enables to link gauges together

Kit includes

  • Touch Panel Control Boxes
  • Visor
  • Mounting Cup
  • Sensors
  • Wiring Harness

Part Number: DEP-PK-SC5293B


Depo Racing